100% cotton men's t-shirt

Are you looking for a 100% cotton men's t-shirt ? Do you want a real quality short sleeve t-shirt? Doesn't it look like a rag after the first wash? What is the best cotton for t-shirts? Will it shrink when you wash it?

If you are looking for a 100% cotton t-shirt it is because you care about your clothes and want to wear something of quality. This is already a big step and it differentiates you from the standard person who doesn't worry about what they wear. But, if you are on the path to dressing well and taking an interest in the composition of your clothes, you may have questions that you want to answer.

We are going to explain everything you need to know to find them, but if you want a preview, you can see ours below. Why do we think they are the best on the market?

  • Because they are 100% Pima cotton, softer and more resistant than normal.
  • Because they have a weight of 200 gr/m2 thickness that makes them more resistant than other brands
  • Because they are made in Europe (Portugal)
  • Because they are prewashed and do not shrink
  • Because the fit is neither too tight nor too loose
  • Because most of our clients repeat

Customer Reviews

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Abel Moreno
Gran calidad

Muy buena calidad. Despues de varios usos sigue como el primer dia. Un tacto muy bueno.

Excelente camiseta

Camiseta de un tacto muy agradable.
Esperando que saquen más colores para verano.

Gonzalo Izaguirre de Diego
Muy buena calidad

La marca de Vlad no defrauda. Se nota mucho la suavidad y calidad del tejido. Primera compra de muchas!

Javier B.
Buena calidad

A primera vista ya se ve un producto de buena calidad. Los acabados son muy buenos y el gramaje y tacto excelentes. A falta de ver como responderá al paso del tiempo, en principio me parece una prenda que se ajusta al ideario de sus creadores: atemporal y con una calidad superior a lo que se encuentra actualmente en el mercado. Con un precio que si bien es cierto que algo mayor que la competencia, también me parece de una relación calidad/precio más adecuada.
Por otro lado, decir que fui en persona a la tienda y me atendieron como corresponde: Cordial y atentamente.
Sin duda volveré a comprar otras prendas cuando las necesite.

Lluís Prieto
Cumple lo prometido

Buena calidad. Ya tengo 5 de estas camisetas y son muy cómodas. Se nota la calidad

Why is cotton better than polyester?

Although synthetic materials such as polyester may have their advantages over cotton, for a person who needs everyday clothing, cotton is clearly superior.

Let's start with the advantages of polyester over cotton. The main and almost only advantage of it is that it does not absorb moisture, so, if you need a waterproof t-shirt, polyester is a good option, although a merino wool t-shirt would also be good.

However, although cotton does absorb moisture, it breathes much better. With a polyester t-shirt, you will most likely end up sweating sooner or later, which is why they put holes in sports t-shirts. And if you are looking for a t-shirt that you can wear with jeans or chinos, it better not look like a sports t-shirt.

Another very important characteristic of cotton is that it is hypoallergenic, that is, it does not cause allergies. Polyester is a product derived from petroleum, in itself, it is not good to carry and use plastics. But there are also people whose skin is irritated or allergic over time. Cotton, being natural, takes much better care of the skin.

Lastly, cotton is much more pleasant to the touch. Both you when you put on the shirt, and anyone who touches your shirt ;) will be a caress, especially if the cotton is extra long fiber.


Cotton allows the body to breathe. Thanks to this, it produces fewer bad odors and is more versatile.

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Cotton is the flower of a plant, while polyester is a petroleum product. For this reason, polyester can cause allergies and irritation, while cotton cannot.

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Touching a 100% cotton t-shirt is a much more pleasant experience than a polyester one. And even more so if you are a Pima, anyone who experiences the sensation of having a cotton t-shirt on their body never goes back to polyester.

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What cotton is best for a t-shirt?

In principle, we can think that, as long as the t-shirt is made of cotton, it is fine. But, although cotton is obviously better than polyester or any other synthetic, not all cotton is the same. Which is the best of all?

The number 1 position in the ranking of best cotton goes to Pima cotton. If you don't know it, we are going to give you a short presentation of its advantages.

Pima cotton comes from Peru, more specifically from the north of the country, the Piura Valley, whose land and climate give this cotton special characteristics that make it the finest cotton in the world.

Unlike standard cotton, whose fibers have a length of between 20 to 32 mm, Pima cotton is between 38 to 41 mm. As you can see, the fibers of Pima cotton are extra long. And what does this translate into in practice?

On the one hand, due to the extra-long fibers, Pima cotton is much stronger than regular cotton. For this reason, a Pima cotton t-shirt will last much longer than one that is not. This quality can be perceived just by touching it. And, despite being more resistant, it is more pleasant to the touch and in contact with the body.

How men's Pima cotton t-shirts are made

FAQ about men's cotton t-shirts

Do t-shirts shrink?

Cotton t-shirts do shrink when washed. To avoid this problem, our t-shirts are pre-washed. Therefore, the t-shirt does not shrink even if you wash it, unlike other men's cotton t-shirts.

How do you wash a cotton t-shirt?

To make it last as long as possible, it is ideal not to wash the t-shirt at more than 30 degrees. Because the cellulose in cotton wears out more the higher the temperature.

Is cotton or polyester cooler?

Cotton is much cooler than polyester, as it allows perspiration

What does a high quality t-shirt look like?

To consider the t-shirt to be high quality, it must not only be 100% cotton, but it must be Pima cotton. Additionally, you should pay attention to the seams and the country where it is manufactured. The ideal thing to consider a high-quality garment is that it is made in Europe.