What are the most comfortable boxers?

Do you want to know which are the most comfortable boxers? What are the best brands? Are tight or loose briefs better? If you are looking for men's underwear, but want it to be comfortable and sexy, you are in the right place. In this tutorial we are going to see how you should choose boxers so that, in addition to looking good, you feel comfortable in them. And, we are going to give you a preview, at Hussars we have created some boxers with generous space in the package. The only ones on the market. Because we know what it's like to have to reposition your parts all the time because you're uncomfortable. So, among men, we have created what man needs. And, as you can see in the opinions and reviews of customers who have used them, it seems that we were right.

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boxers azul marino

Bonitos y comodos, buena compra

Espacio extra

Se agradece mucho el espacio extra.

G. Gallardo
Muy bien, casi perfectos.

Muy buen producto!

Adrian Aleaga Babaeva
Tremendo espacio

Después de su uso, me siento raro usando otras marcas de ropa interior.

Los más cómodos

Excelente pieza, con un ajuste perfecto que no aprieta y los hace mantenerse en su sitio todo el día, sin tener que recolocarlos. De tacto cálido, suave y confortable. Gran acierto el de añadir espacio extra para la zona vital. Los más cómodos que he probado jamás.

Space, the key to comfort

If you are a man and you are reading this, it has surely happened to you. You're walking and you feel like you have to replace your pack. Your boxers are tight but you don't know where to place your manhood. And, even though men have been wearing underwear for centuries, no one has created boxers that truly feel comfortable. And what is the problem? Well, either the briefs are loose and everything hangs out, or they are tight, and everything stays tight. But there is nothing on the market that allows you to be tight but comfortable.

And not only is having space for the package comfortable, it's healthy. In recent years, various studies have been carried out in which it is shown that wearing underwear without space drastically decreases the fertility and health of men.

To solve this, we have created the first boxers on the market with the living space you deserve. So that your most delicate area has the place it requires and can rest peacefully. But all this, without being loose, because being a boxer, they collect the package so that you have everything well placed.

What boxer material is best?

We have talked about the form, but the material is also very important.

Many boxers, even from big brands, are made of polyester or synthetics. And this is a serious problem. It doesn't matter how pretty or well designed the boxers are, if we are going to put our most precious treasure in a plastic bag. Therefore, before buying underwear, we must look at its composition label.

What should we look for on the composition label? Well, boxers are mainly made of cotton. A small amount of elastane is acceptable, as long as the raw material is cotton.

Why cotton underwear is better than polyester

Just as we have seen the importance of generous space for health, so is fabric. Several studies talk about the importance of wearing underwear that is made of cotton and not polyester.

On the one hand, synthetics like polyester do not breathe. This heats up an area that, as you probably know, needs a slightly lower temperature than the rest of the body to be well. That is precisely why it is separated from the body. Polyester boxers, unfortunately, do not allow perspiration, so that area becomes overheated and sweats. This poses three problems. The first for health, and the second for hygiene and the third for comfort.

So what is different about cotton than polyester? Well, cotton does allow perspiration, so that area is cool and at the temperature that corresponds to it by nature.


Their own, larger space for the package makes these boxers a much more comfortable option than those from any commercial brand.

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Made with 95% cotton, they allow the breathability that a particularly delicate area requires.

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