Best suspenders for men

What are the best men's suspenders? What braces can you buy that are of the highest quality? How expensive or cheap are good suspenders? What brands of suspenders are there? If you have these or other questions, in this guide we are going to explain everything you need to know about braces. And we are not only going to talk about our brand's suspenders, which we are in love with, but we are also going to see other brands, in case you want alternatives. But, since we love our suspenders, before starting the tutorial we are going to let you see our collection of suede and leather suspenders, which are the materials that make good suspenders.

What good men's suspenders should be like

If you want the best suspenders, you must first know what the characteristics of good suspenders are in order to choose the best ones. Therefore, what should we look for in suspenders?

First of all , they must be made of leather, in any of its forms . If you like leather better, leather. If you like suede better, suede. But it is essential that they do not have any synthetics . Why is it so important that the braces do not have synthetics? Because polyester and other synthetics, unlike leather, do not breathe. Therefore, they make us sweat much more and it is more likely that the shirt will appear sweaty when wearing synthetic braces than leather. Be careful, the skin is not magic and it also sweats, but when you sweat more, you sweat less. Another reason to choose leather over synthetics is that leather is much more aesthetic and elegant, and anyone who sees leather suspenders will understand that they are better and prettier than synthetic ones that look like plastic .

We should also look at the endings. They are usually made of metal or leather/suede. Which option is better? Well again, let it be leather or suede. Why? Because metal finishes can damage the fabric of the pants if used a lot, while leather finishes take better care of the pants.

We are going to continue with the tutorial on which are the best suspenders for men but, in case you want more detail, we leave you a video explaining everything you need to know about men's suspenders.

What color should the straps be and how do they match?

First of all we have to say that suspenders are usually worn with suit pants or similar . Although they could be worn with jeans or chinos, the truth is that it would look strange. Therefore, we already have an important piece of information to know how to combine suspenders, and that is that they are generally worn with suit pants, or with a complete suit . Now that we know this, let's see how to combine by color.

An important factor in matching suspenders is knowing whether we are going to wear a tie or not . If there is no tie, we have to match the shirt and pants. If we do wear a tie, this is the most important garment to match with.

How do you match suspenders with a tie? For example, if our suspenders have polka dots or a paisley "drawing", the ideal is for the tie to be plain, or if it has a print, for it to have a different appearance and a different size than the tie.

Regarding the matching of the suspenders with the shirt, the premises are similar . On the one hand, contrast is important. That is, if you choose a light shirt for your outfit, the ideal would be to choose dark suspenders. And vice versa. If the shirt is dark, we would need some light straps to contrast.

And we have one garment left to match with, the shoes. And here, if we want to give it the perfect touch, we can match the laces with the color of the shoes.

Best brands of men's suspenders

As you have seen, at Hussars we make our own 100% leather and suede suspenders . Furthermore, we make them in an artisan factory in Spain that has been making suspenders since 1881, so it is difficult to beat them in terms of experience. And although we love our suspenders, we also know how to appreciate when others do good things. Therefore, we are going to see examples of brands and companies that make good suspenders, according to our experience and opinion.

Internationally, a brand that makes good suspenders is Albert Thurston. It is a British brand that has been making suspenders since the 19th century, and has made suspenders for legendary characters such as James Bond.

If you are looking for an alternative to Hussars in Spain, one option is the Alsina suspenders. Once again we are faced with a century-old company that makes high quality products. In fact, our opinion and experience with this company is quite positive.

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