Jeans that fit best for men

What jeans fit best on men? What type of jeans should you choose to dress elegantly? Is a tight or straight cut better? low or high waist? Can they be worn with boots or shoes? If you are looking for the jeans that best fit men, you have come to the right place. In this guide we are going to see everything you need to choose the jeans that make you look more attractive.

Guide to choosing the jeans that best suit a man

Obviously, there is no accounting for taste, and what for some people is beautiful and elegant is not for others. But it is true that beyond fashion, there are things that on an aesthetic level help make jeans feel good or bad . Let's go see them.

The first thing we have to look at is the waist. To put it simply, it is how far the pants go up. And, here, there is something that always helps. In general, we men seek to appear taller and slimmer, and this is achieved with a medium-high rise . Why? Because it makes our legs longer and, therefore, seems to increase our height.

Although in recent years there has been a certain trend towards low-rise jeans, even below the waist, this is not flattering, as it makes us look shorter.

Furthermore, the low rise causes the proportions to change. If the pants fit below your waist, the garment you wear on top will have to be longer so as not to expose your belly. Therefore, not only do the pants look worse, but the entire outfit is much less aesthetic.

On the contrary, with higher-waisted jeans, we will be able to do "magic" and look taller. Likewise, the garment that we put on the upper part of the body may have an appropriate size and the proportions will be maintained.

Therefore, beyond the trends of the moment or the truth is that, for boys, the medium-high rise is much more elegant and attractive than the low rise.

And now that we have clarified what the rise should be for the jeans to fit well, let's talk about the cut.

The cut of men´s jeans has also "suffered" from the trend of being very tight . And, once again, we find a trend that has harmed male aesthetics. Because of the shape of a man's body, very tight pants are not elegant . And not the opposite either. In recent years, large clothing companies have tried to create a new trend, oversize, or clothes and pants that are too big and wide. As it always happens with the fashion industry, trends are constantly changing so that we have to buy clothes all the time . But the proportions and elegance do not change, even though fastfashion tries.

For men, the cut that feels best is straight. It is true that completely straight is not pretty. It is necessary that they be adjusted slightly at the bottom to give shape to the pants, but with a somewhat tight straight cut, it is much more aesthetic and elegant than the skinny cut.

The good thing about the straight but tight cut is that in addition to being more aesthetic, it makes it much easier to match jeans with footwear. With tight jeans, the pants always fit inside the shoes. With somewhat straighter jeans, you can choose whether to wear the pants inside or outside the shoes. And the same with the boots. If the pants are skinny, the only option is to tuck in the jeans, with straight cut jeans, you have both options.

How to choose jeans that fit you well

If words are not enough, in this video you can see, visually, the key factors so that you know how to choose jeans that fit you well. We have already talked about the rise and the cut, but there are other issues such as the hem, the belt and much more.

What the best men's jeans are like

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Where to buy men's jeans that fit well

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